Advertising and documentary photography studio, based in Pescara, Italy

In 2001 I started taking my first pictures while studying Psychology. The ‘self-taught” approach allowed me to experiment freely various styles, giving my photography a personal point of view. In 2004 I started my experience in photojournalism collaborating with newspapers and agencies such as Il Centro, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Il Giornale, Gambero Rosso, Granata Images. Registred Journalists since 2008. In 2009 I opened a studio in Pescara and I am director and photo editor of the magazine Mezzomagazine, a research on culture and arts project. Since 2009 I divide my work between advertising photography (working with advertising agencies and companies in the food, cosmetics and industrial field), and research photography realizing various social and intimate projects. In 2010 I created, a work in progress project regarding Europe that combines black and white images and audio recordings. In the same year I began to work in the video industry as director of photography for commercials, corporate television programs (Fater, De Cecco, rai, sky) and documentation of art projects for museums and artists’ residences (Maxxi, Pollinaria, Museo Laboratorio , Aurum). Since 2014 I am represented by Massagrigia, art agency based in Rome.